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We driving to equipment location and quickly find the problem, the faul parts. After you agree with the price for intervention, we fix up the equipment with professionalism and quick.

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Our techniciens are at your disposal for any king of repairing issues: kitchen equipments, fast-food, catering, conveyor ovens, gastronomy and pastry equipments, cold rooms, preparation machines, refrigerated tables and upright refrigerators and many more.

All of spare parts are directly imported from our manufacturers and all of our techniciens are glad to help you any time.

Any work that we do have warranty for spare parts and for the work itself.
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If you want to have control over anything and to eliminate the problems of equipments for kitchen, self-service,  fast-food, refrigerators, conveyor ovens or gastronomy/pastry equipmens, bakery equipments, horizontal or vertical refrigerated showcases and any tipe of horeca equipment, our company offer you the maintenance option.

This mean that we periodicaly check the equipments to be sure about the working parameters. We agree about the distance between the intervention becouse it must be perfect for the designated king of equipment, the season and your preference.

Also we fix up any problem at your demand to be assured that any equipment is working flawless.

This systems is a gret advantage for that clients who wants to have a great control over costs for a long period of time with a minimum effort and to have at any time a perfect working piece of equipment.
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arrowPeriodic checking

This type of intervention must avoid any king of possible problem. It is a maintenance system but without contract and is the perfect solution for those who don't want to have a contract and prefer to pay just at the moment of intervention. This mean that our techniciens only interfere at client's demand.